Monday, July 5, 2010

Garden Pediatrics

Garden Pediatrics
We recently started going to a new pediatrician and cant say enough good things about Garden Pediatrics of Redlands. We've had three visits so far and the wait times have been short, the staff friendly and the Doctor was very approachable. It was just like talking to another mom (who happens to be a pediatrician). They have both a well waiting room and one for sick children (this is very important to me). They have super cute, themed exam rooms(our fave was the Rock Garden). If you are looking for a wonderful Pediatric office in the Inland Empire, check them out!

More info on Garden Pediatrics: 
Garden Pediatrics consists of two pediatricians that are both doctors and mothers. Garden pediatrics accept patients aged from birth through college.  Dr. Cameo Carter, MD and Dr. Erika McClure, MD, believe that one of a pediatrician’s prime responsibilities is not only to care for your kids when sick but also to help them grow strong and healthy.

Now that's a philosophy we can get behind!

Garden Pediatrics offer classes and other services such as:
Ear-piercing, Baby Spa Treatments,
Newborn Manicures, Cradle Cap Therapy, Infant massage, and more. 

255 Terracina Boulevard, Suite 205 A (Sick Entrance) & B (Well Entrance)
Redlands, California 92373 (across from Redlands Community Hospital)



Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday............... 8:30am-5:00pm 
Wednesday................................. extended hours until 8:30pm 
Alternate Sundays...................... 9:00am-3:00pm

Visit the Garden Pediatrics Facebook Page for other useful information and tips. 

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